From Hybrid Spaces to Experiencing Augmented Places – Matthias Korn

Välkomna till vårens första högre seminarium i Medieteknik!
Fredagen den 27 januari kl. 13-15 gästas vi av Matthias Korn från Aarhus universitetet i Danmark.

Invitation in English:

Matthias Korn is a Ph.D. fellow in the Computer Mediated Activity Group at
the Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University, Denmark. He works
on the boundary between citizen participation and mobile ubiquitous
technology to study how location and “being there” may support citizens in
deliberation activities such as participatory planning.

Abstract for the seminar:
“When mobile location-based systems interweave physical and digital spaces, augmented places emerge. I understand places as “the ways in which settings acquire recognizable and persistent social meaning in the course of interaction” (Dourish 2006: 299). Places can attain an augmented quality through the superposition of two modes of experience: physical and digital experiences. Technologies, I will argue, can help us to use this augmented quality for reflection and deliberation processes. Based on case studies, I will explore how physical and digital spaces are brought into connection and how this connection is experienced by users: To which extent are augmented places viewed as integrated wholes? How does technology mediate interaction with augmented places?

In my presentation, I will address these questions drawing on examples from two participatory design cases in the domain of participatory urban planning and one study on the use of Foursquare, a location-based social networking service. The two participatory design cases explore questions of how ‘being there’ may facilitate reflection through the use of a mobile location-based discussion platform. The Foursquare study specifically investigates how the link between physical and digital is created and experienced by users.”

Tid: fredag 27 januari kl. 13.00-15.00
Lokal: Apache (MC442)

Varmt välkomna!

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