Student project nominated at the Swedish Game Awards!

We are very happy to announce that our students game Framing of my life was nominated for Best Execution in Design at the Swedish Game Awards 2015.

The game, Framing of my life is a puzzle game made by Alex Bräysy, Patricia Möllerström, Natassja Berkan, Robert Alm Nilsson and Gonzalo Maldonado.

The game is describe like this:

“You wake up, in the middle of nowhere, as a memory, framed in a painting. No characteristics, in contrast to the world around you, presented in form of a gallery. Go on, search, what piece is missing from your life? Let nothing stop you. Forge your own path, organize your life, frame it as you need to reach your fate. Explore a gallery of handcrafted paintings which you traverse. Take the time to enjoy the view and listen to an original music score. Manipulate the level design with the special “Framing” ability which lets you rearrange every frame to your advantage. Explore the world, search every frame for collectibles or experience the journey.”

You find more information about the game here:

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Gameplay video from Framing of my life:

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