Öppen föreläsning om “Wearables” med Vasiliki Tsaknaki


In this talk about “Wearables, Perspective on Material and Crafting Practices”, Vasiliki Tsaknaki will give an overview of how wearable technology can be approached from a designer’s perspective, focusing on physical and computational materials, the making process and the interaction gestalt of interactive garments. She will do this mainly by presenting a few examples from her own practice based research: the Nebula garment, an exploration of interactive jewellery, and wearable music players focused on subculture.

Vasiliki Tsaknaki is currently a PhD student at the Royal Institute of Technology and the Mobile Life research centre in Stockholm. As part of the Interaction Design group at KTH and the Arts&Crafts project at Mobile Life, she is involved in projects related to crafting practices including physical and computational materials. Working at the intersection of interaction design, crafting and materiality, her research interests include materials such as leather, copper, wood and textiles, combined with electronic components, the exploration of hybrid crafting practices, and the performativity of making and wearing interactive artifacts.

När? Tisdag 29 mars kl.13-15
Var? Sal MB416, Södertörns högskola, Alfred Nobels allé 7, Flemingsberg

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