HÖGRE SEMINARIUM: Mikael Wiberg – Makers Materials

Makers Materials –  Creative Explorations Beyond Given Conditions?

Mikael Wiberg, Umeå

In this seminar I will take a point of departure in the current maker movement in HCI. However, and beyond Schön´s conceptualization on making or “craft” as a “conversation with materials” where the “materials at hand talk back to the designer” I will suggest that 3D-printing introduces additional processes of creative making – prior to having any “materials at hand”. With a practical design project as our empirical case I illustrate how this plays out in practice, and I discuss how there might actuallly be several processes of creative making linked closely together, across different manifestations of ideas, and even across different stages of the project. I discuss the theoretical implications of this in relation to design theory, in particular in relation to how we describe the process of creative making and in relation to the notion of design as “form-giving”.


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