Fatima Jonsson – Online anonymities

Välkomna till högre seminariet i medieteknik

 Fatima Jonsson, medieteknik, Södertörns högskola, kommer att prata om

Online anonymities

Anonymity on the internet has become a contentious issue; it protects freedom of speech on one hand yet hampers accountability of for example crime or bullying on the other. Traditionally anonymity has been construed as a dichotomy, you are anonymous or you are not, however this is a too limiting definition online and thus need a new understanding of anonymity on the internet (Kennedy 2006; Nissenbaum 1999). In this talk I present issues around online anonymity, in relation to a multidisciplinary literature study. I will highlight the complexity of the concept online anonymity, by giving examples from various platforms, situations and online contexts, with a special focus on auction-sites and online game platforms. The study derive at a multi-layered conceptual model for studying online anonymity that involves four main facets of anonymity. These involve juridical, social, personal, and bodily aspects of online anonymity. The analysis suggest that various anonymities are at stake depending on social and platform context and that online anonymity should be looked at as online anonymities, in plural. The present study is part of a three year funded multidisciplinary research project. The scholars home-fields are sociology, economics, and media-technology.

Bio: Fatima is a lecturer at Medieteknik. Her research is multidisciplinary and includes studies of use, design and cultures of social media.

  • Wednesday 22 march, 13.00
  • MD338
  • Fika is served

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