Higher Seminar: “Exploring visual production and digital activation through entrepreneurship”

Higher seminar in media technology: wed 28/3 at 13–15 in mD 338

SPEAKER:  David Sköld PhD,  Senior Lecturer, Uppsala University

TITLE:  “Exploring visual production and digital activation through entrepreneurship – The case of SoundCloud going ‘all in’ with Adidas”

TIME:  Wednesday March 28, at 13–15 (1PM to 3PM)

PLACE:  MD 338 (Closed corridor, please contact organiser in advance)

SERIES: Higher Seminar series in Media Techology – Spring 2018 programme

CONTACT:      Mikolaj Dymek

mikolaj.dymek (at) sh.se
08 – 608 52 80
Fika is generously provided.


TOPIC:  When Adidas launched its One Brand Anthem campaign in 2011, with the aim of unifying the brand image, this was the biggest advertising campaign the company had ever engaged with. It involved a two-tiered ad-agency structure, with NY-based Sid Lee being responsible for the global launch, and a series of other bureaus being responsible for regional manifestations / ‘localizations’ of the campaign, which were intended to utilize the networks of local endorsers and harness the power of film to drive digital activation. In focus for this seminar are some of the translations involved in the execution of this campaign, and a conceptualization of how the endorsement by two tech-entrepreneurs, whose claims to stardom comes from having founded SoundCloud.com, plays into the value production at stake in such advertising campaigns. How could such film-based endorsements, which look more like promotional videos for the endorsers, be of value for Adidas, and how could we expect them to impact the fantasies and desires of prospective audiences and interlocutors? These are the main questions guiding this presentation.

Article discussed at the seminar:

BIO:  David Sköld holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Management and Organization. His interests revolve around innovation processes, market communication, and customer/consumer receptions of the new. On a theoretical level, he is particularly interested in how notions such as fantasy and desire operate through discursive relationships that tie suppliers to customers/consumers. Currently, he works as senior lecturer in Industrial Engineering and Management at Uppsala University.

FLYER (PDF):  MDymek-HS#2-Poster-18.03.28-www.pdf