Higher Seminar: “Human-data interaction and a spatial metaphor for epistemic action”

Higher seminar in media technology: wed 18/4 at 13–15 in mD 338

SPEAKER:  Mauri Kaipainen, Professor of Media Technology, Södertörn University

TITLE:  “Human-data interaction and a spatial metaphor for epistemic action”

TIME:  Wednesday April 18, at 13–15 (1PM to 3PM)

PLACE:  MD 338 (Closed corridor, please contact organiser in advance)

SERIES: Higher Seminar series in Media Techology – Spring 2018 programme

CONTACT:      Mikolaj Dymek

mikolaj.dymek (at) sh.se
08 – 608 52 80
Fika is generously provided.


TOPIC:  The presentation approaches computer-mediated explorative analysis of data as a chain of epistemic actions. Leaning on the perspectivist interpretation of Gärdenfors’s theory of conceptual spaces (2000) suggested by Kaipainen & Hautamäki (2011, 2015, 2018), it presents concepts as 1) dynamically evolving perspective-relative spatial clusters and 2) compares cognitive perspectives to operative positions in concrete world 3) at which one arrives through temporally consequent epistemic actions. Further, it is proposed that concepts as grounded in that way allow relating to actionability in terms of “grasps”, in harmony with the Lakoff and Johnson’s metaphor theory (1980) among a number of theoretical considerations of the relation of cognition with the situated body. The approach implies applications in data analysis, dynamical models of learning and human-data interaction design, among others.

Article discussed at the seminar:

BIO:  Mauri Kaipainen, PhD, is professor of media technology at Södertörn University (2008-) with a background in cognitive science, education and musicology. His primary focus is in explorative perspectivalness of cognition, as it applies to human-data interaction, conceptualization, narrative, democracy and education among other areas. He has previously served as professor in University of Art and Design Helsinki (2000-2004), Tallinn University (2005-2008).

FLYER (PDF):  MDymek-HS#3-Poster-18.04.18.pdf