Urban Mobile Laboratory[3]2009

A year ago between 26-27 September 2009 the Media Technolgy Department at Södertörn University in Stockholm organized a DIY Fanzine workshop together with Urban Mobile Laboratory in Uranus Rahova district in Bucharest, Romania at laBomba.

Five teams with children between 4-13 years old worked intensively and documented stories from their every day life and interviews with neighbors.

The fanzines were made with equipment donated by the Media Technology Department.

laBomba is a multi-cultural space of community self-representation that encourages all forms of artistic creation.

A reader with the Urban Mobile Laboratory (Laborator Urban Mobil) activities was published by the Vellant Publishing House in 2010.

SVID Design Open

SVID Design Open femte upplaga startade igår på med inspirerande föreläsningar och drygt 1300 deltagare från landets universitet, högskolor och gymnasier. Södertörns högskola är med för första gången med lag från IT Medier och Design programmets studenter som läser sitt andra år på utbildningen.

Laget startade sitt arbete genom en workshop under ledning av två coacher från designföretaget Nopicnic.

Fler lag kommer att arbeta med tävlingens tema under delkursen Projekt i interaktiva medier inom Medieteknik B.

Lycka till!

Typografikonferens i Dublin ATypI 2010

The 2010 ATypI conference has just started with two interesting talks.

Kevin Larson a well known typography researcher at Microsoft talked about typography and dyslexia. The talk focused on the many recent advances on understandings of dyslexia apart from the general accepted research of Samuel Orton from the mid of 1920s.

Ann Bessemans, granted by Microsoft for her research is developing typefaces for children with visual impairment, proposed a nice illustrated definition on legibility: “Legibility is the ease/speed with which visual symbols are decoded”. To be continued.

Workshop på en av våra kurser

Några alster från workshop på Typsnittsdesign och typografi kursen som har startat förra veckan och pågår eftermiddagar kl. 16-19.

Resultat som sammanfattar på ett bra sätt skissprocessen för nya bokstavsformer.

Typsnittsdesign och typografi

På tisdag börjar Typsnittsdesign och typografi kursen på Södertörns högskola. Kursen ges i medieteknikens regi och i samarbete med Pangea design och namkunniga grafiska formgivare och typsnittsdesigners. Det ska bli mycket bokstäver och tillämpad typografi. Här några exempel från vardagen.

Next Tuesday start Fontdesign and Typography course at Södertörn University in cooperation with Pangea design and well known graphic designers and type designers. It is going to be a lot of letters and every day typography.

Praktikplatsbesök VT10 MT-studenter & IMD07

Under en drygg vecka var jag på praktikplatsbesök i Västerås och Stockholm där fristående medieteknikstudenter och IT, medier och design studenter gjorde sin praktik.

Från och med vårterminen 2010 har även fristående medieteknikstudenter möjlighet att praktisera.

Det som uppskattas av branschen är studenternas breda kompetens, självständighet och förmågan att arbeta i projekt.

Det som uppskattas av studenterna är mötet med branschen, verkliga uppdrag och att jobba strukturerat efter genomarbetad arbetsplanering.

Praktikkursen redovisades tisdag, 23 mars och avslutas på fredag 26 mars med inlämning av praktikplatsrapport.

Future Forms and Applications of Ludic Interfaces

Less than 24 hours (due to bad weather conditions) I was in Valencia to join a wrap up meeting for an EU-application in order to create a joint European Masters called Future Forms and Applications of Ludic Interfaces with Salford University, Manchester/ UK, UfG Linz/ AT, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia/ ES, University of Potsdam/ D, Södertörn University/ SE.

Sweden was not going to participate in the application as a full member but that we started working on a collaboration amongst other aspects in regard to distance teaching/teleteaching. And as a non gamer but enthusiastic homo ludens I was very happy to have the opportunity to participate to this application. Work done. And then …

L’Agence Exécutive Education, “Audiovisuel & Culture” (EACEA)confirm that the application for European Masters Development Ludic Interfaces (Salford, Linz, Valencia, Potsdam – with satellite partners in Huddinge and Tallinn) has been sent in in time and will now be asssessed.(Total Budget of Euros 399,184.00)and the application reference is 503951-LLP-1-2009-1-UK-ERASMUS-ECDCE
Mathias would like to thank the development team for their great work, and particularily Kate Jones from University of Salford for many hours spent on the application.
Hope to see you all soon to get into phase 2 (fingers crossed).

… mission accomplished!

Mathias wrote on 26th of July:

Dear Arina and Mauri,
I have good news: we won the bid for developing the Ludic Interfaces programme.
I am very happy and am looking forward to developing the programme. Even though you are so far satellite partner and not directly troubled with administration and delivery, I would be super-keen on continuing our collaboration in the matter. Let’s think about how we can get further with our plans. It was such a good start to have Arina in Valencia when we did the content discussions and we should get together soon to brainstorm of how to go on …

If you are interested in getting more information about the project MA in Ludic Interfaces programme development (Potsdam, Salford, Linz, Valencia, and Huddinge as associated partner) please take a look at


So thank you Mauri and Jon introducing me to this project, we are looking forward for a new phase in our collaboration in which Media technology department at Södertörn University can participate. And thank you Maria for your hospitality.