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Susanne Bødker – Designing for multiple interaction

Öppen föreläsning 7 oktober
13.00-15.00 MA624


Susanne Bødker is professor of human-computer interaction at the department of Computer Science, Aarhus University, Denmark. She is currently visiting professor with the MDI group at KTH.

Human computer interaction is currently moving beyond the desktop, towards interaction with multiple and dynamic configurations of smaller and larger computing artefacts. Where much of current interaction analysis and design has one artefact at the time as focus, I seek an understanding addressing multiplicity and dynamic configuration in complex artefact ecologies. Where most current interaction design methods address the creating of one new artefact as a replacement for the old, I aim for a methodological approach that focuses on new artefacts to supplement and substitute existing artefacts. Where current HCI often address simplicity, transparency and learning with a focus on singular artefacts, I address quality and learning across artefacts. Practically and in principle, use and artefacts are constantly developing, and I address the ways in which we understand and design for development in and of use.

The presentation is based on work done in collaboration with Clemens N. Klokmose, Peter Bøgh Andersen and others, and the talk develops its argumentation for a change-oriented framework based on examples from this work.

Tävling bara för dig som pluggar hos oss!

Vinn en resa till Japan och konferensen SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 Emerging Technologies

Gör bästa reklam-videon för SIGGRAPH Asia Emerging Technologies och vinn en resa till konferensen i Yokohama, Japan.


Tävlingen är öppen för alla studenter på Medieteknik och Informatik
mer info och förutsättningar för tävlandet finns på kurswebbarna.
Deadline för inlämnade bidrag är 23 september.

Läs mer om konferensen

Öppen föreläsning med Peter Siljerud

Redan dags för höstens första
Öppna föreläsning inom medieteknik

I höst håller vi till i sal MB416 (om inte annat anges).

Alla studenter men även allmänheten välkomnas varmt!
Onsdag den 2 september kl 13-15 i sal MB416

Peter Siljerud
10 IT-trender i ett medieperspektiv


Föreläsningen tar sitt ursprung i vad som sker i forskningslabben idag och blickar runt hörnet för hur IT-utvecklingen förväntas bli de närmaste åren. Föredraget behandlar ett brett spektrum av trender som rör både framtidens datorer, internet, mobiler och användare.

Läs mer om föreläsaren på www.futurewise.se

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Öppna föreläsningar hösten 2009

Boka in höstens tider redan nu.
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Sju onsdagar kl 13-15 i sal MB416

2 september
Peter Siljerud
Tio IT-trender i ett medieperspektiv

9 september
Bjørn Hestnes, Telenor R&I, Norway och Peter Brooks, Teolys Psychological Research, France

30 september
Heidi Harman
Användardriven utveckling i agila IT-projekt

7 oktober
Susanne Bødker
Designing for multiple interaction

28 oktober
Mark Comerford
Digitaliseringen och förändrade kommunikationsmönster

4 november
Andreas Ekström från Sydsvenska Dagbladet

2 december
Marc Wubben
What a single person can do with technology

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Future Forms and Applications of Ludic Interfaces

Less than 24 hours (due to bad weather conditions) I was in Valencia to join a wrap up meeting for an EU-application in order to create a joint European Masters called Future Forms and Applications of Ludic Interfaces with Salford University, Manchester/ UK, UfG Linz/ AT, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia/ ES, University of Potsdam/ D, Södertörn University/ SE.

Sweden was not going to participate in the application as a full member but that we started working on a collaboration amongst other aspects in regard to distance teaching/teleteaching. And as a non gamer but enthusiastic homo ludens I was very happy to have the opportunity to participate to this application. Work done. And then …

L’Agence Exécutive Education, “Audiovisuel & Culture” (EACEA)confirm that the application for European Masters Development Ludic Interfaces (Salford, Linz, Valencia, Potsdam – with satellite partners in Huddinge and Tallinn) has been sent in in time and will now be asssessed.(Total Budget of Euros 399,184.00)and the application reference is 503951-LLP-1-2009-1-UK-ERASMUS-ECDCE
Mathias would like to thank the development team for their great work, and particularily Kate Jones from University of Salford for many hours spent on the application.
Hope to see you all soon to get into phase 2 (fingers crossed).

… mission accomplished!

Mathias wrote on 26th of July:

Dear Arina and Mauri,
I have good news: we won the bid for developing the Ludic Interfaces programme.
I am very happy and am looking forward to developing the programme. Even though you are so far satellite partner and not directly troubled with administration and delivery, I would be super-keen on continuing our collaboration in the matter. Let’s think about how we can get further with our plans. It was such a good start to have Arina in Valencia when we did the content discussions and we should get together soon to brainstorm of how to go on …

If you are interested in getting more information about the project MA in Ludic Interfaces programme development (Potsdam, Salford, Linz, Valencia, and Huddinge as associated partner) please take a look at


So thank you Mauri and Jon introducing me to this project, we are looking forward for a new phase in our collaboration in which Media technology department at Södertörn University can participate. And thank you Maria for your hospitality.