Re-Thinking Technologies in Museums

We visited the conference Re-Thinking Technologies in Museums 2011 in Limerick in the end of May. The conference was very interesting and related to our project ‘Berzelius and I’ which explores engagement in a museum exhibition about the chemist J Berzelius.

Jacob Berzelius, a swede, lived 1779-1848, and is considered one of the fathers of modern chemistry. Being a pioneer, much of the processes surrounding the work had to be invented. There were no test tubes to be bought so he had to commission them from glassblowers. He categorized the elements he found in a large handmade cabinet with about 80 drawers.

The collaboration partners in this project is the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (also responsible for the Nobel Prize in chemistry and physics) and the Observatory museum.

The Berzelius Exhibition

On Interactive Technologies in Museum Settings

Participants: Maria Normark & Markus Westerlund.

The purpose of this project is to explore interactive and mobile technologies that engage visitors in the Berzelius’ exhibition held at the Observatory Museum during late 2011 and 2012.

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