Accepted papers for “CHI 2012 – it’s the experience”

In the end of the fall two of our researchers in Mediatechnology got accepted for one of the greatest conferences in the area of human-computer interaction – CHI (The ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems).

CHI 2012 focus on the centrality of experience—from the models, theories and practical insights we need to understand and design for user experience to the irreplaceable value of experiencing innovation in our field through hands-on interactivity.

The accepted papers written by researchers from Media technology at Södertörn university are:

Ferneus, Y., Jonsson, Martin & Tholander, J. – ‘Revisiting the Jacquard Loom: Reflections on the materiality of digital machinery’

Tholander, J., Normark, Maria & Rossitto, C. – ‘Understanding Agency in Interaction Design Materials’

Congratulations to both!

Nomadic Interaction Models: On Adoption and Adaption of Mobile Technologies

The project ismn_thumb now running (Aug 2010)

The research Maria Normark will conduct is focused on nomadic interaction models, i.e. detailed studies of mobile technologies used under nomadic conditions. The fluidity and flexibility implied by variations of place, duration and attendance inspired to characterize a special kind of group activities as nomadic: not only do they lack a stable location, but many other aspects of its setting (attendance, duration) are varying. The purpose of the research is twofold, one is to develop methodological practices for studying the nomadic practices and the second is to establish a number of nomadic patterns and how mobile technology should be designed to meet the needs of nomadic users.

The project is a joint collaboration between School of Communication, Media and IT at Södertörn University and the Mobile Life VINN Excellence Center. The project will continue during the three years Maria Normark holds a VINNMER Fellowship granted by Vinnova.

If you would like to learn more about the project, please contact Maria at maria.normark “at”