Artikel accepterad på CSCL2011 i Hongkong

Artikeln “Weather Gods and Fruit Kids – embodying abstract concepts using tactile feedback and full body interaction”, författad av Carolina Johansson, Zeynep Ahmet, Martin Jonsson, Sumon Islam och Jakob Tholander har blivit accepterad på CSCL konferensen i Hongkong
Resultaten i artikeln är baserade på en studie utförd i våras inom Wii-Science projektet.

Abstract: In this paper we present findings based on the design and study of a game like activity that allows for physical and bodily interaction around abstract concepts like energy and energy consumption in a collaborative learning setting. The game, called Weather Gods and Fruit Kids, uses motion sensing technologies in combination with tactile and audio feedback to create an embodied interactive setting without computer screens. We analyze and discuss the properties of the interactive setting as well as the interactions with and around the system using characteristics such as multiple modalities of response, large space interaction and aspects of focus and attention. The work suggests that alternative pedagogical activities can be created providing new entries to theoretical concepts using an embodied interaction approach, for supporting in particular kinesthetic learners in their preference to learn by being physically engaged.

First Wii Science meeting at Stanford University

The researchers of the Wii Science have attended a project meeting at Stanford University on 16th April 2009. The Wii Science is a joint research project between Södertörn University and Stanford University. The meeting was held at Wallenberg Global Learning Network administration in Stanford campus, and Terry Winograd, Wendy Ju and Ugochi Acholonu were present there from Stanford, and Martin Jonsson, Zeynep Ahmet and Saiful Islam Sumon from the Södertörn University.

After the meeting, Swedish team has visited Stanford’s collaborative research partner school named Nueva Innovation Lab in Palo Alto.