Research Seminar Feb 4th – Kjetil Falkenberg Hansen

On Research Seminar of Media Technology Feb 4 2015:

Kjetil Falkenberg Hansen: Sound and music computing research with a health and wellbeing approach

Kjetil Falkenberg HansenIn the seminar I will present my ongoing research and work on sound interaction used for improving health and wellbeing. The perspective is that of exploration and playfulness with music as facilitating medium. In the talk I will discuss successful experiments and possible future projects.

The event will take place in MD 338 starting at 13.

[In case the door to MD3 would be closed, please phone Södertörn University switchboard at +46 8 6084000 and ask for Mauri Kaipainen’s cell phone] 


Mauri Kaipainen, PhD, professor

Sue Walker – Design for reading. Research seminar 10 December

Design for reading

Professor Sue Walker will discuss research in typography and graphic design, with particular reference to the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication which uses the term ‘design for reading’ to describe its work. She will relate this to current thinking about research in the UK drawing on her experience as a panelist in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework. She will talk about history, theory and practice in information design, typeface design and book design.  In this context she will talk about her work on typographic design for children.

Sue Walker
Sue Walker
University of Reading [Wikimedia Commons]
University of Reading

When and where?

The event will take place in MD 338 starting at 13. The entire schedule of the research seminar is in:

In case the door to MD3 would be closed please ask the reception desk at 5th floor to call my cell phone

Mauri Kaipainen
PhD, professor

Research seminar 26/11 with our doctoral student Sophie Kürth-Landwehr

Creating, making, hacking – How DIY and the maker movement influence and shape design and development of future technologies

Interactive systems are rapidly evolving and play a major role in our daily lives. Until now those technologies have foremost been shaped and developed by design professionals and researchers all over the world. DIY and the maker movement are challenging this role by allocating and empowering people (i.e. hackers, makers, creators) to do extraordinary things with affordable materials and may therefore shape future technologies. The intention of the proposed research is to embrace the creators, makers and hackers’ practices and to study the transformed role of the design researcher in this setting. How does the empowerment of makers add to the quality of the outcome? What can HCI design researchers learn from makers practice? And how can the HCI design researcher play a role for the maker movement? The maker movement is hereby capturing the development, which has transformed a hobby pursuit of mainly individuals into a self-organised movement towards creating and co-creating.

Advanced WordPress with Daniel Pataki

We were fortunate to have Daniel Pataki @danielpataki as guest lecturer in WordPress development. Both teachers and students were participating, and we made a simple video recording to help us grasp everything.

Thanks Daniel! Thanks for lecturing and thanks for letting us record and share.

Thanks also to Maria Zerihoun @bloggcoach who made this happen.

Designing Gender in Social Media: Unpacking Interaction Design as a Carrier of Social Norms

During this summer Sofia Lundmark and Maria Normark published a new journal article called; Designing Gender in Social Media: Unpacking Interaction Design as a Carrier of Social Norms. This article is published in the International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology.

The abstract for the article looks like this:

Designing Gender in Social Media: Unpacking Interaction Design as a Carrier of Social Norms #gender

— GST Journal (@GST_Journal) September 5, 2014

Performativity in Sustainable Interaction: The Case of Seasonal Grocery Shopping in EcoFriends

Maria Normarks and Jakob Tholanders paper on CHI2014 also includes av video that is totally worth watching! The paper “Performativity in Sustainable Interaction: The Case of Seasonal Grocery Shopping in EcoFriends” short description is the following: “We use performativity to analyse interaction with EcoFriends, an application for seasonal grocery shopping. Our findings point to design-oriented research challenges regarding foundational aspects of trust, responsibility and critical reflection.”

Critical design goggles – student paper accepted to SIDeR’14

The former students in Media Technology, Viktor Alexandersson & Adrian Faber, are accepted to the 10th Student Interaction Design Research conference (SIDeR) which is an international forum for showcasing research projects conducted by interaction design students. The conference will take place on the 11-12th of April, 2014 and will be held in Stockholm, organized by Interaction Design students at KTH. The SIDeR-conference offers students the opportunity to bring forth research they have carried out throughout design projects as well as share reflections on design theory through the medium of an academic paper.

Viktor and Adrians paper is called “Critical design goggles: Explorative use of critical design perspectives in a video production project” and is soon to be found at the conference website.

Open lecture – Olga Goriunova

Meaningless Digital Cultures and The Question of Subject is the scope of this Open lecture, organized by the Department of Media Technology. Welcome, everybody!

olga Goriunova

The talk explores memes, digital artefacts that acquire a viral character and become globally popular, as an aesthetic trend that not only entices but propels and molds
subjective, collective and political becoming.

Olga Goriunova is Assistant Professor at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies, University of Warwick and author of Art Platforms and Cultural Production on the
Internet (Routledge, 2012).
When? Wednesday, September 4th, 13.00-15.00.
Where? PA 106

New Media and Design for Learning and Collaboration – Teemu Leinonen

The Department of Media Technology welcomes everbody to an Open Lecture with professor Teemu Leinonen!

Teemu.LeinonenTeemu Leinonen is professor in New Media Design and Learning at the Department of Media at Aalto University. His research concerns design and development of New Media tools, as well as theier use and application, in the field och learning and collaboration. Among other things Teemu Leinonen is als part of the Wikipedia Advisory Board.

You can follow his thougts and reflections design, learning and collaboration on:

When? Wednesday, April 17th, 13.00-15.00.

Where? MA 636

video from the lecture:
Video from lecture

Open Lecture: Graphic Design

Welcome to Open Lecture with Karel van der Waarde
Graphic Design – Relations between education, research and practice

Länk till affisch om föreläsningen

How to teach, investigate and make money in a profession that claims to
visualise information for others but can’t visualise itself?

Karel van der Waarde frequently publishes and lectures about visual
information and is a life-Fellow of the Communications Research Institute and a board member of International Institute for Information Design.

When: Onsdag, 10/10-2012, kl. 13-15
Where: Södertörns högskola, PA106

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