New publication – Somaesthetic design in Interactions

The Soma mat on the cover of Interactions

In the current issue of the ACM magazine Interactions you can read a cover story about the Soma Project where one of our colleagues, senior lecturer Martin Jonsson, is a co-writer.

In the article Somaesthetic design the Soma Project is presented like this:

The main insights of the article Somaesthetic design in the magazine Interactions.

“In the Soma Project, we searched for an alternative design stance that would not distract us from our own experiences but instead deepen our understanding and engagement with ourselves. Through adopting a somaesthetic design stance, we took on the challenge of engaging participants in deepening the experience of their own felt bodily sensations and movements rather than external sensory interactions.”

The article Somaesthetic design is written by Kristina Höök, Anna Ståhl, Martin Jonsson, Johanna Mercurio, Anna Karlsson, Eva-Carin Johnson.

You can read the full length article here:

Game Research Methods: An Overview by Petri Lankoski and Staffan Björk is out now

We are happy to announce that our colleague Petri Lankoski’s book that he has edited together with Staffan Björk is out now!

Petri Lankoski & Staffan Björk, et al. (2015) Game Research Methods: An Overview is presented like this on the publishing house, ETC Press:

“Games are increasingly becoming the focus for research due to their cultural and economic impact on modern society. However, there are many different types of approaches and methods than can be applied to understanding games or those that play games. This book provides an introduction to various game research methods that are useful to students in all levels of higher education covering both quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods. In addition, approaches using game development for research is described. Each method is described in its own chapter by a researcher with practical experience of applying the method to topic of games. Through this, the book provides an overview of research methods that enable us to better our understanding on games.”

Print and free download is available here:

Medieteknik och webbpublicering 2

Ganska många lärare, en nuvarande och en f.d. student har arbetat med en ny kvällskurs som tar webbpublicering med webbstandard ett steg vidare. Det blev lite rörigt, men mycket kul och lärorikt för alla inblandade, även vi som undervisade. Här visas några små skärmdumpar av vackra studentprojekt, men vi var alla minst lika glada över hur sidorna såg ut utan css och alla gråa lådor som byggdes på vägen …

Kursbibel var Transcending CSS av Andy Clarke.